I’m Not The Only One With Haters

This post over at Russell’s blog entitled: Bugger made me rather depressed. All of the criticisms levelled at Russell are the precise same things that makes his blog so damn good!

I’m affectedly bumbling and luvvie in my writing style, I serve up a stream of inconsequential insights, I’m always hanging out with a little clique of important planning people and/or complete strangers, I’m overly proud of my peripatetic, freelance lifestyle, I’m always pushing my family into the blog and I’m just generally a tosser and an arse. I

Having a writing style that’s personal and approachable, a crime against blogging? Are any insights ever inconsiquential? Cliquism – oh you mean using the web like a network, that’d be a bad thing right? Talking about work and not moaning, personally I’m of the view that’s quite inspirational. Not to mention using one’s spare time to set-up a ‘planning school’ that genuinely helps young planner types. As for the rest, well whatever…

OK maybe I am part of the clique (well Russell’s linked over here a couple of times, so I reckon I qualify, just), but I find what’s been said (or at least implied) really sad and slightly depressing, whoever it was aimed at. But as one of the commenters said “Don’t let the buggers get you down”.

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