I Got My First Haters…

I knew it would happen someday. It was only a matter of time. But I’ve got my first haters!

Sam and Highly Miffed are upset about the post and subsequent comments around on the Youth Marketing conference that I didn’t like. See their comments here.

A couple of highlights:

Clearly you’re all sad little creatives who have no alternative outlet for your ‘talent’!!!


If you guys were actual ‘conference design’ critics, your opinions may hold some weight. But since you are all in fact, what is it The Lounge call thamselves?…oh – ‘experiental marketing agencies’, the fact you even took the time to ‘diss’ a competitor is so laughable.

I’m sort of happy in a perverse way. It was all a bit ‘nice’ round here ;-)

11 thoughts on “I Got My First Haters…”

  1. In my case I think it’s OK. I was being a bit nasty about the yoof conference. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Russell being nasty to anyone online…

  2. I think all designers should die and I think that we should eat only oats and that south pole belongs to everyone and that all designers should die.

  3. Fair points well made. Although not sure oats have enough of ALL the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you’d need…

  4. There’s two ways to look at this Iain, the first is as Oscar Wilde is credited would have said ‘it is better to be commented about than not’. However the plain speaking northerner in me just says sod’em

  5. As my Dad used to say, “You need to toughen up boy.”

    It’s very easy to take the piss. I do it all the time.

    However it’s only in recent times that technology has given people like us a platform to take the piss and share it with the world.

    How often do we modern marketing types bleat on about brands being open to criticism etc?

    Yet when we cop a bit of criticism about our criticism we go and get all upset.

    Begs the question – Can we bloggers have our cake and nibble upon it too?

    Best….Stan x

  6. Agreed Stan – I wasn’t upset or offended. Like I said, it’s almost a kind of rite of passage. I did think that the stuff that Russell copped is a bit grim though…

  7. Dear crackunit.

    You are a lovely read and quite often very insightful. These so called ‘haters’ are infact what this online lifestyle is defined by. As mentioned by the ‘marvel’ stan lee, the cake bit..about consuming it etc. Yes all well and good, but cakes are about ingredients and mixing not the satifaction of the ‘eat’. I certainly wouldn’t want to eat myself, that would be one paradox too many, but I could ceratinly scoff humble pie more often than not. Contrary to popular belief ,humble pie (hot or cold) is a delighful mouthful.

    hoot :)

  8. What? There’s really a job of being a conference design critic? Wow, I’ve missed my calling… I could really clean up as a design conference design critic.

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