Second Life Sex

An interesting perspective on sex in Second Life: The ins and outs of a Second sex Life | The Register

Written from the perspective of someone who seems to understand and enjoy ‘cybersex‘, this article explains the limitations and problems with sex in SL. Not being someone who really understands or enjoys the practice myself I think I can at least grasp some of the core issues here.

To my mind emotional stuff like this either needs to be real or fantasy (i.e. based in conversation and imagination). I find the grey bit in the middle: being represented by a clunky pixel-cluster making crude (in both senses) gestures really odd. When you add in the fact that whole chunks of the mating process can now be bought off the shelf it makes it even more strange…

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3 thoughts on “Second Life Sex”

  1. I saw the rape story – particularly disturbing. But I guess that’s what happens when you let a bunch of geek perverts create their own world…

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