Tea for 2.0

Grazia Teabuddy

Teabuddy.com (our social web app for managing tea-making and preferences) has come to the boil again. It’s one of those odd sleeper projects. We did it ages ago and at first it got picked up by Wired, then a bit later by The Guardian. Now it’s really entered the mainstream with a mention in Grazia magazine (it was the second item in their ‘cool chart’ last week).

That’s one of the things I love about online. Things can just live on forever, getting discovered by new audiences up to years after they originally launched. It’s something that clients are often uncomfortable with, they’re used to campaigns having a launch date and a finite lifespan. Those rules just don’t apply any more. I guess that’s the long tail of advertising.

Our other big sleeper project Globalrichlist.com still has massive peaks and was mentioned in Daily Candy this weekend too.

I don’t know if there’s a sudden upsurge in female publications getting more into online stuff, but its interesting that two of our old projects have been picked up by big Womens’ publications in recent weeks…

4 thoughts on “Tea for 2.0”

  1. I’ve just started up Here Be Monsters, a creative agency to offer exactly what you’re talking about. If you fancy a chat sometime Im happy to buy the coffee and cake.

  2. very nice idea, missed it the first time round.

    it does beg the question though Iain; what are you doing reading Grazia?

  3. Of course I read Grazia. Don’t you? It’s quite the finest glossy weekly there is.

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