The Geekiest T-Shirt Ever?

periodic table tshirt

I’ve seen a lot of geeky t-shirts in my time. But this one is pretty much the king of the nerd-castle, awesome…

(As you might have spotted, I’m struggling a bit with blogging at the moment. A combination of lack of time plus a general feeling of de-motivation which I’m hoping will pass soon).

5 thoughts on “The Geekiest T-Shirt Ever?”

  1. Hey fella, don’t get too down on yourself. It’ll pass. Haven’t got anything more profound to say than that. I know how sit it can be trying to keep oneself motivated, but you know what it always passes.

  2. Iain,

    That demotivation chappie can be a bit of a beast when it comes and taps us on the shoulder.

    I’ve been thinking a bit like that myself recently. ‘What’s it all about’, ‘What’s the point’, “Am I/we/the blogging community going round in circles”, kind of stuff.

    “Are we all pontifcating/futurising, but not actually doing/creating enough?”

    But then I look back at some of the posts I wrote when I was cranking and up for it, and I see posts by others who’s optimism, attitude and insights are infectious, and I remind myself, as always, that the doldrums don’t dol or drum for long.

    As Simon so rightly says; it’ll pass.

    CrackUnit was one of the main reasons I got into blogging, it’s right rollicking read, as The Sun used to say.

    So write as and when you feel like it; personally I find that giving someone/thing a right old slagging helps.

    Makes me feel better no end.

    (But I’m such a wimp I do tend to leave those posts collecting dust in the ‘Drafts’ folder;-)

  3. I see de-motivation as a ‘motivational necessity’.
    Embrace it sir.

  4. Hello mate,

    As you said over on mine – a lot of ‘developments’ at the moment are downright depressing – I know totally how you feel on the lack of motivation – I don’t think the onset of winter helps ;)

    Guess we all just need to ride it out sometimes.

    Here’s hoping it’s a short ride.

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