The Value of Experimentation

I agree with Russell when it comes to the value of experimentation and play. Asi also brought it up in relation to the video-fronted search engine I mentioned yesterday.

I’m all for play and doing new stuff. But there is a degree of responsibility that we should collectively exercise. The same kind of critical questioning that we’d apply to doing things in the real world should apply online.

And yes, within that, we should be taking risks and pushing boundaries. But some things I’ve seen recently just feel like absolute folly. I suppose as long as people are aware that their ‘solution’ could just be something that crashes and burns, then there’s no problem. But I do get a feeling that people are being misled and missold things. I’d love to think I’m wrong and clients are up for spending money experimenting in bold ways, but I’m positive that this isn’t always the case.

As an aside, I tried some more to get into Second Life, this time with the help of a guide from Wired Magazine. I still don’t get it, but at least I’ve found somewhere I can buy genitals. Phew!

Cock shop in second life

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