Ms DeweyCould this be the most pointless thing ever? Probably not. But it’s a massive folly of some description.
Someone has spent a whole heap of money creating a video based ‘human face’ to a search engine. Type in your search and Ms Dewey makes pointless and irrelevant quips. Then you get a badly presented list of search returns.

It’s got to be a marketing campaign for something. No one else would waste money in such a stupid fashion ;-)

9 thoughts on “Aaaargh!”

  1. holy crap a moly.

    it reminds me of that (dont thinks its actually true) story of the space race, America spent a million dollars on research into a pen that would work in zero gravity, whilst the russians used a pencil.

    this is the search engine equivalent,

    great acting though.

  2. I think this is for Microsoft actually(are you surprised?). Struck design did it if i’m not mistaking.

  3. Iain,

    There seems to be a sub-trend of daftness/folly/uselessness (choose the term that suits you) within the overall trend of experimentation in online applications. From wal-mart trying to be myspace, through brands getting it completely wrong on UGC to my grandmother oppening a bordel on Second Life…

    I started thinking that in the chaotic world of marketing 2.0 it might be inevitable for businesses to get it wrong, fail, learn and start all over again.


  4. Yup, looks like the kind of thing that EVB would be able to do – flash video with vv high production values.

    Asi – I hope you’re right. I’ve just got this thing where I hate seeing very expensive mistakes being made. Cheap mistakes that people learn from I like.

  5. Ah, That’s right. EVB did it. In fact, the chap who worked on it is sitting in the office next to me now.

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