Shoes on Wires

I’d always wondered why you often see shoes hanging over overhead cables. I saw loads of them in the Lanes in Brighton at the weekend. Wikipedia has the answer (as always). But this time I’m not convinced about any of their stories, or any of the reference links. I do ilke that fact that it’s called shoefiti though…

2 thoughts on “Shoes on Wires”

  1. It’s about drugs innit? I saw a photo recently, someone had hung two dead squirrels on a wire, but it wasn’t real, at least I don’t think so…

  2. Iain,

    I think I read/somebody told me a while ago, that bundles of skate shoes, looking like massive beehives, often used to signify where local skateboard shops were in the vicinity. (Or ‘…hood’ as I believe you young people say;-)

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