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Lending home pageAs I’ve mentioned before, we’re working with Zopa at the moment to do a redesign of their website. It’s a great company and a great project.

I was in a meeting last week when Dave from Zopa said “Oh, I’ve stuck some of the designs on the blog to see what people think“. My reactions were twofold and simultaneous:

  • Wow, that’s great. A client that’s so forward thinking they’re doing exactly the kind of thing we’d have asked them to do had we thought of it first. Brilliant.
  • Holy shit. What the crap are they doing! What if people don’t like the designs. That’s 8 weeks work down the toilet. Ohmygod what a catastrophe.

Suddenly I realised that all this so-called openness, honesty, transparency and dialogue is a whole different ballgame when there’s a big chunk of other people’s work at stake. This namby-pamby play-blogging I do is child’s play by comparison. I’ll never scoff at a client’s blog-fear again.

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2 thoughts on “Trial By Blog”

  1. Hi Iain,

    Sorry for completly freaking you out! I’ll try not to do it too often.

    I put the designs on the discussion board as well (Damn – there I go again…) and the response was very very good – take a look:

    Thanks for your work so far – we love it, and our members do too.

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