What's hot on YouTube

Really useful breakdown of the 100 most viewed clips on YouTube. Nice work: No Man’s Blog: YouTube trends report #1

The top line is that of the top 100:

  • 58 are user generated content
  • 31 are music videos
  • 4 are commercial adverts
  • 3 are commercial virals
  • 2 are movie trailers
  • 2 are Asian tv show clips

There’s further breakdown of the user generated content on the site. But interesting to see that ‘real’ ads have been more viral than ‘viral’ ads. Goes back to the whole viral is bad, viral is good (stuff) argument from before.

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One thought on “What's hot on YouTube”

  1. Very good breakdown, that.

    Although 4 real / 3 viral is an slim comparison, don’t you think? Do you know if the real ads posted by brands/agencies or just by fans of the ads?

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