Teabuddy – Still on the Boil

teabuddy in the guardianTeabuddy.comPoke‘s solution to teamaking shirkers in the workplace, got a mention in Saturday’s Guardian Magazine. Looks like they’ve just lifted the quotes from an earlier Wired interview that Nik and I did. I still love the fact that Wired used this quote:

Trust the Brits to turn their obsession with drinking tea into a “turnkey b2b enterprise-level web-based tea management solution infrastructure.”

Interesting to see that something a couple of years old that hasn’t been updated for ages can get picked up again right now. I guess it’s all part of that old Long Tail thing.

One thought on “Teabuddy – Still on the Boil”

  1. Tea and technology will always remind me of Nick Sidhu wandering out of the Syzygy kitchen with a mug and one of those pyramid teabags complaining that he couldn’t “activate the squeeze function”.

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