New Flickr Layout

Eek! I guess it’s just because I’ve been using it a lot recently. But I just logged on to Flickr and the new design really freaked me out. I guess that’s what happens when something that you use all the time changes without warning. If someone moved the doors on my house a couple of feet in either direction I suppose I’d feel the same (even if it did make sense). Welcome to the New Flickr!

3 thoughts on “New Flickr Layout”

  1. yeah, i agree… a little freaky. I also can’t find how to add photos to groups anymore… is it just me? I’m sure I’m being blind… didn’t I used to do that in the Organise section?

    there’s a good overview of the changes here:

    I *mostly* like the changes, but the my main photo page just feels a little sterile now. Perhaps I need to get some more exciting photos up there! :)

  2. Yeah, to start with I was really unsure about the new main “photos” page; call me a bluff old traditionalist, but didn’t that list of sets sit a lot better on the left?

    Still, I think it’s better to fit two columns of photos on the first page, and as for the next pages – three columns? Truly we are spoiled! The drop-down menus in the main (top) navigation section are quite smart too, and I like the way the “Explore” menu gives quick access to some historical and categorical slicing and dicing.

    I guess we’ll get used to it …

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