Growing pains for social bookmarking?

Broadband Stars – Covering the social media revolution: Growing pains ahead for social bookmarking? Interesting comment on the growth of web 2.0 apps and how the democratisation of them may ultimately lead to problems. Also refers to the ‘old guard’ worrying about non-geeks co-opting their technology. Strikes me that one of the beauties of tagging is that if geeks want to keep their links (or whatever) pure, all they’d need to do is add special tags that only their acceptible community know and use. Thus weeding out tags of the great unwashed.

Smacks a bit of elitism to me though. But I guess being able to slice information based on who’s submitted it is a key part of social software. It’ll be interesting to watch anyway…

Also liking the use of for reader submissions (see for examples.

4 thoughts on “Growing pains for social bookmarking?”

  1. Not sure what the geeks have against having more people join their social bookmarking service. I think it should be for anyone. I thought you might like to check out, a new social bookmarking site that we just launched. We most certainly want to appeal to everyone. If you have the chance to try our new service, I would love to hear your thoughts. Mike

  2. Hi Iain,

    “Also liking the use of for reader submissions”

    So I’m looking forward to seeing some of your music news popping up on Live Net Music. Just tag “lnm” – and a gag!



  3. Mike, I don’t know what the article says about geeks not wanting others to join their social bookmarking networks because, well, I’m too lazy to read the article. But one thing I’d be concerned about (if I used it very much) is that once it reaches a critical mass, spammers will jump all over it, and it will become useless. tagspam!

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