#iaintait does not have 1,000 Google Wave Invites to give away


Dear World,

I am @iaintait on Twitter. And I do not have 1,000 Google Wave Invites to give away.

I don’t even have a Google Wave invite for myself.

Since yesterday afternoon I’ve had thousands of people from all around the world re-tweeting #iaintait and sending me @iaintait messages asking for one of my supposed 1,000 Google Wave invites.

It’s kind of rendered Twitter unusable for me right now. Certainly if anyone tried to have a conversation with me using @iaintait there’s no way I can find it.

So, how did this start?

Yesterday morning @ihavenomouth tweeted this:

Twitter / Alex Light: #iaintait he can't blow hi ...

I don’t know if he meant to turn me into a hashtag or not. So I replied:

Twitter / Iain Tait: @ihavenomouth you f&@king ...

Which of course, in retrospect, to a bunch of people I know was like a red-rag to a bull:

Twitter / Alex Light: @iaintait #iaintait you're ...

There was basically a bunch of pisstaking going on, so I replied:

Twitter / Iain Tait: @igorclark @ihavenomouth @ ...

Then a couple of hours later. Mark ‘bloody’ Earls (@herdmeister) posts this:

Twitter / Mark Earls: RT @eskimon RT @iaintait 1 ...

And that my friends, is how it all started…

At its peak yesterday I was told there was a mention of #iaintait every 10 seconds on Twitter. And not only is it the hashtag that’s being sent around, people are now responding to @iaintait which makes Twitter kind of unusable right now. I’m guessing it’ll die down over time. But I thought that when I went to bed and it looks like we’re ramping up for the day:

201Ciaintait201D trends in Twitter with Trendistic

Some conclusions:

  • Stupidity is alive and well.
  • Chain letters / emails / tweets still seem to suck people in
  • Google Wave invites are hot shit
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to put the genie back in the bottle
  • It’s strange feeling ‘viral’ in that way
  • @herdmeister owes me a beer (or 1,000 wave invites)