ToyotaSpace – I Don’t Like This

Toyota Blog Spam

To me this shows exactly how not to approach bloggers to get them onside. I’ve not put in a link to the site, and I don’t want one back from them. But if you do want to visit the site you can figure out the URL from the text above.

Reasons why this is bad:

1. It’s blatantly a mail merged email. And a pretty badly written one at that.
2. It addresses me as ‘crackunit’ – that’s not my name. It’s not hard to figure out my name.
3. Why would I want them to link me to my December 2006 archive?
4. It’s badly targeted. I don’t drive.

I’m guessing that they’ve just done a big search on blogs that mention Toyota (and I talked about a Toyota website, from a craft point of view, last December). What’s ‘interesting’ about this is that it shows how even a bunch of brand enthusiasts (or in this case a for-profit organisation) can muck about with perceptions of your brand.

North Kingdom Rule

Check this stunning piece of web stuff for Toyota. It’s not perfect, and there might be better ways of organising and delivering the information, but you can’t deny that the North Kingdom guys are some of the best online craftspeople in the world.