More wi-fi sharing

Whisher are another new player in the global wi-fi sharing thing. It’s simple, you join up, share your network, and you get to use other people’s shared networks wherever you are. It’s not a new idea and there’s a few more established people out there.

These guys seem to have a nice interface and tone of voice though. I particularly liked this from their FAQ:

Whisher? haven’t you guys spelt it wrong?

Not really. We thought it would be cool that word processors would underline us in red.

You can add it to your word processor’s dictionary if it really annoys you, but we are not changing the name :)

Just a bit cute. And sometimes a little bit of cute makes a big bit of difference.

It looks like Fon is the biggest player in the space right now – but I think you need a specific router to use it. They’re cute too. They have different types of member, Linuses, Bills and Aliens.

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