The ‘Zosjm pydax’ Website

Just came through on a spam.

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I wish I had registered with the Zosjm pydax website, it sounds bloody intriguing. Unfortunately when I search for it there are no results. By writing this post it means that I will now be the first (and only) Google result for Zosjm pydax. Unless someone else copies.


Sometimes I can see how and why spam ends up being a jumble of nonsense. They’re trying to fool spam filters in obscure ways. But this one I just look at and scratch my head. A lot.

It’s just like a soup of words.

Dear Pokelondon Account Manager,

We are Synch1 – Australian immigration consultancy and we are very interested to have the best SEO and SEM services for our website and company ( organic traffic boost / best landing pages for affiliates and PPC / PPC management etc etc ……………)

Best way would be to contact me via email ( as I am on a long business trip in Asia
OR also SKYPE id : synch1 for TEXT CHAT


Google Talk id :

Want to make and have to make a fast decision on the matter and start ASAP
Please contact me ASAP

Currently, on GMT + 7 Time Zone ( Asia for a while until back to Australia soon ) but online at various times so you can coordinate via email or see when I am online on the SKYPE or Google Talk.

Looking forward to catching up soon and moving on

What are they trying to sell? Immigration services or search engine optimisation? Last time I looked they were quite different businesses…

Half of me wants to Skype them and find out. There’s no way I can get charged for Skype or Gtalk so all it can cost is a waste of time. But I guess it’s only encouraging them. But I don’t know what I’d be encouraging them in…