Sometimes I can see how and why spam ends up being a jumble of nonsense. They’re trying to fool spam filters in obscure ways. But this one I just look at and scratch my head. A lot.

It’s just like a soup of words.

Dear Pokelondon Account Manager,

We are Synch1 – Australian immigration consultancy and we are very interested to have the best SEO and SEM services for our website and company ( organic traffic boost / best landing pages for affiliates and PPC / PPC management etc etc ……………)

Best way would be to contact me via email ( as I am on a long business trip in Asia
OR also SKYPE id : synch1 for TEXT CHAT


Google Talk id :

Want to make and have to make a fast decision on the matter and start ASAP
Please contact me ASAP

Currently, on GMT + 7 Time Zone ( Asia for a while until back to Australia soon ) but online at various times so you can coordinate via email or see when I am online on the SKYPE or Google Talk.

Looking forward to catching up soon and moving on

What are they trying to sell? Immigration services or search engine optimisation? Last time I looked they were quite different businesses…

Half of me wants to Skype them and find out. There’s no way I can get charged for Skype or Gtalk so all it can cost is a waste of time. But I guess it’s only encouraging them. But I don’t know what I’d be encouraging them in…

9 thoughts on “Spamsoup”

  1. I really think he is not trying to sell you something but rather asking for your services.

    Get a Biz. Dev. guy to talk to him.

    The email is not written coherently but it is not spam either.

    The naked man with a horse mask cooking wild mushrooms is the best video I have ever seen, so random…
    Thank you for that.

  2. Yeah, I agree it looks like they’re asking Poke to optimize their immigration services website. That said, it’s also true that their grasp of English language and syntax is tenuous at best… Funny.

  3. so, you’re saying I should not trust them? they’ve just contacted me for an advertidement for a studio I rent in paris, but the esthetic of the message was spam-like….

  4. but if you look at their webste, it looks like they’re really australian young professionals. I probably won’t answer

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