Is better better?

Seth Godin talks about the difference between trying to be better and trying to be different: Seth’s Blog: In search of better

I’ve puzzled over this one for a bit, and the trouble I have is that better is always better. Wheras different can sometimes be worse. But I guess that’s where the skill comes in.

As a challenge to thought processes it’s definitely interesting.

Client asks: “Can you make this better”?
Reply: “No, but we can make it different…”

I’ll have to give it a try ;-)

Videos From the Googleplex

Google have released a heap of videos from their internal archives:

In addition to helping distribute content from across the world, Google would like to share videos featuring our company.

Some great stuff in there, especially the ever-brilliant Seth Godin doing a presentation that seems to cover the central themes of a selection of his books in under 50 minutes. I saw Seth present years ago when he was at Yahoo! and he’s always stuck in my mind as one of the most natural and compelling presenters out there.
Visit Videos From the Googleplex

Presentation Zen

powerpoint logoBill has bullets, Steve has space. Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic – a blog posting about presentation styles that made me laugh out loud. Incredibly insightful and worth a read. Via the ever visitworthy Seth Godin.