Virgin Media – Customer Control?

Well, Virgin Media launched today with a big old shout: a full wrapper of the Metro and putting Richard Branson in a box in Covent Garden (as only he would do).

I like the way they’ve simplified some things, and all their talk of customers in control is admirable.

And as it happens I’m a customer, I used to be a Telewest customer, so by default I’m now a Virgin Media customer. This, in itself, doesn’t make me unhappy. What does make me unhappy is when I call up to make an enquiry about whether my broadband speed is going to be cut (as it looks like it will) they tell me the hold wait is 15 minutes.

So I go to the website to try to login and find out some stuff, and….

I’m a bit of a geek and it still reads like nonsense to me. What’s the registration server? And what did my browser request that was denied?

So I binned the website and stuck it out on the phone only to have some guy lie to me about a bunch of stuff then transfer me through to a department that was closed. Perhaps better to put Richard in a call centre rather than a celeb-filled box?

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