Managing Expectations

I liked this. It’s on the back door of the Oxfam bookshop in Brighton. You kind of get a sense of what’s going to happen if you press the button (not much pretty slowly). Perhaps web interfaces should take a lead out of this kind of honesty.

  • Sign up now (ish) – just a few things to choose to not opt-in to first
  • Latest News (or sanitised PR gubbins depending on your point of view)
  • Contact us (well, not ‘us’ exactly, the ‘us’ who wrote this page are part of a completely different department in megacorp inc, your mail will be sent to some kind of automated processing centre and some real person might see it one day, but only after you’ve replied a number of times to tell us that we’re not actually answering the question you asked in the first place)
  • Fun stuff (or actually it’s just ‘stuff’ if we’re being totally honest)
  • Loading, please wait (this might take a bit longer than is strictly necessary so we can add some visual tomfoolery, but please wait, we assume you’ve got plenty of time)

I don’t know what’s driving me to become such a cynical digital bitch these days ;-)