Boast it Notes

Nik’s set up a group called ‘Boast it Notes‘ on Flickr. It’s simple really. I don’t think I should even stoop to the level of explaining it. It came about after he set up a group on Flickr called ‘Street Style’ now it’s got 63 members and photos in it. It was a hole waiting to be filled. Maybe ‘boast it notes’ will be the same. Probably not.

But the whole notion using photos as notes is an interesting one. i found myself doing something rather odd on Saturday. I was going to someone’s house, and I had their address on my computer. But instead of sending it to my phone using some nonsense technology. Or writing it down, as a non-geek with a pen might do. I photographed it on my phone.

This might seem odd. But it was quick. Free. And less likely to be lost than a scrap of paper. Or maybe I’m just in love with my new Sony Ericsson K800i.

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