I’m Baaaaack

But I’ve got blank page syndrome. I can’t think of anything interesting to write. Computers are scaring me. I’ve not sorted out my photos yet. And I’ve got jetlag.

But to bring in the New Year, here’s the greatest advert I saw whilst in India (to be fair I didn’t see many, but this is classic).

“Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow” – priceless.

And there’s 2 more in the series that I found on YouTube.

And (warning a bit LOUD!):

Long Break (phew)

Well that’s one of the longest blog breaks I’ve had since starting up. I’ve not been doing much really. Christmas was pretty much like a short hibernation for me. Did some very good sleeping and a little bit of family type stuff.

Then dropped straight back into work-a-mania! Hoorah.

I would have got back into the blog a bit sooner, but I’ve been writing lots of words at work and I don’t know what it is, but I reckon I’ve only got a imited number of words in me per day. Anyway I think I’ve broken my silence and I’m back…
Happy New Year by the way!

Sorry for the silence…

Sorry there’s been a few weeks of blank. I was away on holiday in Goa. I left my mobile behind. I didn’t check my email for a couple of weeks, in fact I didn’t touch a computer. It was nice. The man in the photo isn’t me. I don’t know who he is. He just walks along the beach at Palolem every day. He strides with confidence and purpose.

Oh, and it’s a bit late, but: “Happy new year”.