Organic Blog

organic three mindsNot a blog about stuff with no pesticides. Stuff about the web agency Organic. Actually they might be pesticide free too, in fact they probably are.

They’ve got a nice blog: Three Minds @ Organic. A smart blog with interesting things in it. Surprisingly not that many agencies have great blogs, Poke included (but we’re working on that right now).

I also quite like the reason they call it Three Minds:

Why the name? Great advertising was often created in “pairs” — a
copywriter and an art director. In the digital world, the creation
process is more complex. Strategists, designers, information
architects, media specialists, and technologists must come together to
create great experiences.

Quite simply, it takes ThreeMinds.

I’d argue though that maybe it should be called ManyMinds, three is far too absolute for me ;-)

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