Get a Mac UK

Peepshow is one of my favourite comedies of the last few years, and Mitchell and Webb are inspired choices to play Mac and PC in the UK version of the Get a Mac ads.

Apple (UK and Ireland) – Get a Mac – Watch The New Ads

Things I Learned in Cork this Weekend

There are green Irish postboxes – yay!

Limerick and Blarney are both real places in Ireland, and you go the same way from Cork to get there. I really wanted to go and kiss the Blarney stone, but apparently so does everyone else.

Everyone in Cork travels on Segway. All the people who are advertising the new 3 store do anyway. They still look like fun to me.

Some posters in Cork seem deeply inappropriate.

They’ve got the best named Kebab shop in the world. Apart from perhaps Kebabylon.

Vend-a-scent have got the some lovely antique looking vending machines that keep men fragrant.

And I had a jolly nice time to boot :-)