WWF Paper Boat and Plane ‘Live’

Hoorah! The big paper plane and paper boat are real, and they’re down by the Thames.

Don’t forget to sign up to lobby for a stronger climate change bill (one that includes shipping and aviation for starters) at: http://getonboard.wwf.org.uk/

Then, once you’ve done your bit, you can nip down to Gabriel’s Wharf and see them (if you’re in London that is). If you need directions here they are:

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Here’s someone writing their name on the boat:

And here’s my name on the boat (thanks Asi for finding it).

It’s all going to be there until Monday (which I think is the day that you’re likely to see lots of MPs hanging about if that’s your thing).

But most importantly go here: http://getonboard.wwf.org.uk/ and sign the online petition. It’s dead easy (and quick).