WWF Paper Boat and Plane ‘Live’

Hoorah! The big paper plane and paper boat are real, and they’re down by the Thames.

Don’t forget to sign up to lobby for a stronger climate change bill (one that includes shipping and aviation for starters) at: http://getonboard.wwf.org.uk/

Then, once you’ve done your bit, you can nip down to Gabriel’s Wharf and see them (if you’re in London that is). If you need directions here they are:

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Here’s someone writing their name on the boat:

And here’s my name on the boat (thanks Asi for finding it).

It’s all going to be there until Monday (which I think is the day that you’re likely to see lots of MPs hanging about if that’s your thing).

But most importantly go here: http://getonboard.wwf.org.uk/ and sign the online petition. It’s dead easy (and quick).

4 thoughts on “WWF Paper Boat and Plane ‘Live’”

  1. I signed up a few weeks ago and sent an e-mail to my MP, Katy Clark, who actually took notice of my mail and passed it on to Hilary Benn MP, Secretary of State for the Environment. I recieved a letter back the other day which addressed a number of the points made and made me aware of a meeting which will take place in the near future in my area, which will look into these issues further. So, just wanted to say thanks, without the push I would never have written to my MP, and every objection raised will make a difference (I hope at least).

    Unfortunately I won’t be in London to see my name on the boat or plane, but I’m glad it’s there all the same.

    And big congratulations for pulling it all off!

  2. Hi Iain,

    Firstly, nice one. Good campaign.

    Secondly, I’ve got a story that’s totally opposite to Lisa’s. My MP (Greg Hands), has not responded – other than to put my email address on his sodding newsletter list.

    If there’s any way you can report – or otherwise stitch up – this complete muppet, please do. Surely he’s broken some law???


  3. Lisa – that’s good. I basically got a similar response to you which was great.

    Rob – that’s bad. I’d use something like http://www.writetothem.com/ to have a pop at him and demand to be removed. MPs tend to be quite good about that kind of thing as they don’t want any kind of negative publicity cropping up: “MP in Internet spam scandal” headlines aren’t what most of them fancy.

  4. Cheers for the tip – hadn’t heard of that site. I’ll just copy what I originally emailed back. As you’ll see, its fairly close to your suggestion – but perhaps a touch aggressive (well I was angry).

    Dear Greg,

    How does “MP in illegal freedom of information shocker!” sound to you, mate?

    Take my bloody email address OFF your booooooooring spam list. And everyone else’s who sent you a message through the WWF’s Get On Board campaign.

    If I get one more of these, then my mates at the Guardian and Private Eye are getting a scoop on how you ripped off a charity to gain a political advantage.


    Think I’ll tone it down for the web submission though!

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