They’re Home!

Eleanor and Josie on My Knee

After what seems like months, but at the same time feels like only minutes Eleanor and Josie were allowed home with us last week. I’ve not really had a chance to write anything about it because babies appear to be time-leeches of the most amazing and wonderful kind.

The timetable to our life has been completely ripped up and thrown away. We currently have a funny batch of mini-playtimes in the middle of the night. Which, whilst enjoyable, leave you feeling like a hollowed out person the next day. I’ve tried convincing myself that I used to stay up all night for fun, and that this is really no different. However that mental trick only works for a minute or two.

Thank you to everyone for your positive words and thoughts. We’ve been blessed with two amazing little girls that seemed to stride confidently through an incredibly difficult and taxing start to their lives. As parents we had fears and concerns at every turn. But their ride ended up being so much smoother than some of the babies in the special care unit. Our thoughts are with the babies and parents who are still there dealing with things we’ve been lucky enough to only worry about.

Who knows how and why these things happen, and what’s enabled them to progress in the way they have. But if positive thoughts from friends and strangers hasn’t helped them directly it’s certainly helped me and Sophie through the last couple of months.

It’s incredible to think that they should still be in their mummy’s tummy for another 2 weeks. In fact the whole thing is pretty bloody incredible.

People often seem totally terrified for us having twins. But so far having twins is brilliant. In fact it must be really tough only having one baby. Like having a Wii with only one controller ;-)

Some photos from the last few days in hospital and the first couple of days home are below:

Thank you again everyone.