Masculine Man

I’ve been pondering issues around this whole Carnival of the Modern Man thing. And one  thing that sticks in my head is that the word masculine almost conjours up an image of the exact opposite in my mind.

The only people I can picture in my head describing someone as masculine are camp fashion designers.

Modern Man

I’m taking part in the Carnival of Modern Man over the next couple of weeks (because I was asked). It’s an interesting project by the PSFK guys and I thought it would be good to stretch out my blogging muscles a little bit.

So you might notice a couple of extra tags or links here and there, or even some posts that feel a little different from the norm (not too much, just a bit). But if you notice me banging on about men more than often it’s not because I had a revelation in Brighton at the weekend. Well maybe I did, but not that kind…