Advertising to Man in Captivity

Toilet media. I’m sure at a point it seems like a good idea:

  • You get 99% (I’m guessing) accuracy in gender targetting
  • People aren’t just rushing past
  • Blokes don’t know where to look when urinating next to other blokes, so give them an ad to look at and it stops them feeling funny

All sounds good so far… And generally I don’t mind them too much.
But I don’t like straplines with thinly veiled reference to penis size, they’re not big or clever.

size matters

Or gags about ‘splashing out’, or ‘pissing your money against a wall’, or anything else supposedly knowing about the context of the ad. Normally I like context. But not if the context is a stinking toilet.

I don’t like novelty things that get in the way of the job at hand, and threaten to make my visit very unhygenic either (as previously posted).

But my favourite bit of loo-vertising to men I’ve seen recently goes to this:

handbag no mobile

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