Webby Awards Vote

This is a shameless attempt to sway voting in this year’s Webby Awards. But being as it’s a People’s Voice vote I guess that’s the name of the game. Everyone else seems to be doing the same.

You can vote here.

This year Poke have got 2 things in there. Zopa and American Express RED.

Anyway if you’ve got a mo (you do need to register so it’s not instant) pop over here and cast your vote for stuff you like – especailly the two sites above ;-)

Turn Yahoo RED and Raise Money

Yahoo amex

American Express RED are trying to rasie £10k to fight AIDS in Africa today. All you have to do is click on a banner on the front page of Yahoo.co.uk (and it doesn’t even take you anywhere!). Each click raises 25p.

Click here to do it! (31st May only)

And the fun bit, once they hit £10k the homepage of Yahoo.co.uk turns red. (May only be available to UK IP addresses).

Confession – I may have had something to do with this (sorry).

UPDATE: We did it, hooray! See below.

We did it - turned the Yahoo! home page red