Bucolic post-rave melancholia

Honestly, BPRM (as I’ve just labelled it) is my new favourite audio-visual subculture. It combines rural/suburban landscapes with sounds that feel like your brain on a come-down (with a few fading bubbles of euphoria fizzing round the edges). The first two also whack in a healthy dose of text-based rave nostalgia. What’s not to love.

Earlier in the week I stumbled across this amazing video for the incredible Bicep track Glue:

Love. Love. Love. So many of my favourite things in one place. Congrats to Joe Wilson, and the team at Topsafe.

It made my mind wander back to this belter of a video from Erol Alkan from a few years ago. A Hold on Love. Massively smiled at this story all over again. Nice work Daniel Brereton (check his site, there’s lots more music vid goodness).

Then, tonight I came across this from Bibio – Phantom Brickworks III (Edit), from the new album Phantom Brickworks.

Any other examples of the genre spring to mind? Please add in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Bucolic post-rave melancholia”

  1. Ahhh. Always a pleasure taitster. The caption and the trees took me right back to a super little spot under an M50 motorway bridge, in the summer of ’92

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