Amazing Charlotte Gainsbourg video – thanks @wylesy

This video for Heaven Can Wait is lovely, if very strange. Don’t do that thing of flicking through it to see if it’s any good before you watch it. YOU’LL RUIN IT. Just sit back, put it on fullscreen and watch.

I blogged about the curse of the fidget before – I know passively watching stuff is so un-web, but sometimes things deserve your full attention.

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Charlotte Gainsbourg video – thanks @wylesy”

  1. Have you seen some of the discussion about how the director has stolen/copied/been inspired by other photos? For example, there are some examples on this comment.

    I can’t decide if this makes the video a bad thing or not (although I’d love it if the original sources are credited somewhere). But knowing that all/many/some of the images are re-made versions of images found online certainly turns it into a different object.

  2. I have seen a lot of that stuff – and apparently the main photographer guy is getting credit now.

    I’m totally with you though – I’m not sure it’s necessarily BAD, it just makes it different.

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