Amazing Fever Ray Video (with disabled Fidget Bar)

I’d rather be watching this on a massive screen with an amazing sound system. A 500px window and laptop speakers is a bit of an insult really.

When Fever Ray posted the video they disabled the play bar at the bottom which means you can’t skip through it. At first I was a bit like: “Uh, I want to skip forward damn you”. Then I thought: “I’ve become so bloody impatient, why don’t I just sit and watch it like I’m meant to”. And I was glad I did. Thank you for disabling the fidget bar.

Fever Ray is Karin Andersson from the Knife’s side project and the album is very good indeed. It’s available for download from Amazon now. Or the physical thing comes out in a couple of months.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Fever Ray Video (with disabled Fidget Bar)”

  1. Yeah, I wanted to skip through it and instead just stopped watching it (to write this comment). That’s bad isn’t it?

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