Less Mad Hamsters, More Happy Pigs

It’s a little known fact that I was part of the team that made the first Purple Ronnie website, and the first Edward Monkton site too. Neither of the sites bear any resemblance to how they used to look.

Working on the two sites brought me into contact with the creator of Edward and Ronnie. A lovely man called Giles. Randomly I spotted he’d written a piece on depression for The Times. I read it. And I cried.

I’m not going to say much more apart from you need to go and read this piece. Given the odds, most of us will know someone who’s been touched with mental illness. And this is one of the most touching and powerful descriptions of depression I’ve ever read. The bit about the carrots is almost perfect.

I’m guessing my level of emotion was heightened by the fact I’ve met the man in question. And I would have put him towards the top of my list of ‘people least likely to…’. Although as he points out, perhaps the fact his alter ego Edward Monkton writes twisted poems called things like ‘The Madness Hamsters’, means that this had perhaps been on the cards for a while.

Anyway, if you’ve ever had an opinion on depression, or think that you might ever have an opinion on depression, you need to read this piece.

Anyway I’m hoping that Giles, and the rest of us, spend more time hanging out with the Pig of Happiness, and less with the Madness Hamsters.

3 thoughts on “Less Mad Hamsters, More Happy Pigs”

  1. I spent 2-3 years in my early twenties suffering from depression and that article is spot on. Thanks for highlighting it

  2. Thank you so much for that link. I’ve experienced depression second-hand when my long term boyfriend developed it. Reading Giles’ eloquent description of how he felt was both enlightening, yet familiar to me.

    I worked with Giles very briefly a few years ago also & always found him to be a great character. Really pleased to read that he’s come out the other side and is back producing great work again :)

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