Barry Norman’s Pickled Onions

I was skeptical. What does an aging film critic know about pickling? Probably about the same as an aging film star knows about salad dressing.

But I’ve eaten my words, just like I’ve eaten most of the jar of these wonderfully spicy pickled onions. Well done Barry.

9 thoughts on “Barry Norman’s Pickled Onions”

  1. According to the jar, he loves pickling and they’re done to his grandma’s recipe! And if it says it on the pack it must be true!

  2. Ha ha. Nice. We used to make these celebrity endorsed products for Xmas presents. My favourite by far being the Nick ‘Don’t have nightmares’ Ross cheese selection.

  3. These are good onions. And perversely, first time I saw them in the supermarket, I thought it was such a weird product for him to be pushing that he must really care about pickled onions. It actually made more sense than all those chefs identical promoting food mixers that you know they don’t use.

  4. Nice – last year I made some (100% unauthorised) chuck norris chutney which went down very well. I will reprise it this year for sure, but perhaps with Steven Segall Cheesey Snaps (biscuits) to go with. I’m working on a supplier for Jean Claude Van Ham before you ask.

    My point is this: these actual celebrities need to consider the burgeoning fake celebrity pickle/conserve markets before they take all our jobs etc!

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