New Side Project ‘Random Vinyl’

Random Vinyl

I just set up a new Tumblr site today:

Go vist, follow me. Whatever you do with Tumblr stuff.

I was chatting last night and someone asked what most of my records were. I couldn’t answer. I just said, um, well they’re pretty random. And that’s true. I’ve been picking up bits of vinyl for years on and off. And none of it gets played any more. So I thought it’d be interesting to do a Random Box Dipping Experiment…

Every few days I’m going to go and randomly dip into the random boxes of records in the loft and blog them. The rule is that I’m not allowed to censor or edit what comes out. If it’s a terrible bag of nonsense (and there’s a lot of that up there for sure) I’ll just have to deal with that.

I’m digitising them straight off the vinyl with all the pops and clicks and slurs, which I hope will add to the whole thing.

I’ve no idea how long I’ll keep it up for. But I’ve queued a load of stuff up and I’m having fun with it :-)

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