Nice Nike ‘Ads’

Surely this James Jarvis film (supported by Nike) deserves more than the 50k views it’s had on YouTube?

[EDIT: I just spotted that it’s all about Vimeo for this one where it’s had 201k views]

It’s bloody lovely. And if you’ve ever run for more than a bus you’ll spot some genuinely insightful moments in there. The switch to night at about 3.45 is totally beautiful. And the soundtrack is superb.

Thank you Mr Featherstone for the tip off.

And while I’m doing some Nike loving I like this SB spot too.

It’s very crisp and very clean. But that’s what makes it feel so very west-side. And I’m pretty happy about the cameo at the end :-)

5 thoughts on “Nice Nike ‘Ads’”

  1. At last! Crackunit clocks something I saw when it first came out. Doesn’t stop it being good though, spread the love. Heard Happy Birthday sung three times in Swedish today and thought of you.

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