The Nikon s1000pj – Is This Really Now?

A camera with a built in projector sounds pretty cool. I’m sure you could do some interesting things with that. So how come Nikon have made a video that makes it look like a piece of shit from the 1980s? I can’t sense any irony in the video whatsoever…

11 thoughts on “The Nikon s1000pj – Is This Really Now?”

  1. The ad clearly demonstrates the product features and shows the social settings in which it could be used.

    Watching it I went, “cool! I want one” then remembered I’ve got about 5 digital cameras and I shouldn’t buy another.

    Not sure what you expect their advertising to be but it worked fine for me.

  2. I was going to buy one, but I saw that advert and decided against it. Those people using it were too uncool, and besides I have five other digital cameras.

  3. Bollocks to the projector, it’s got Photoshop inside! (1:10s in)

  4. To your point, there is no hint of tongue in cheek humour in this ad… And that is frightening. Fortunately they refrained themselves from offering two for the price of one and a free t-shirt for the first 100 orders. Pfew, that was close… Having said that, Christmas is just around the corner, so they might have that in the pipeline:(

  5. Even the captions are gopping. That looks like a training video for camera shop staff. Only done badly.

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