Pano – And More Awesome iPhone Photo Apps

Pano for iPhone

Pano – the panoramic photo maker for iPhone is great. I was pretty much hooked when I saw the image above on their website. That one image is such a brilliantly powerful and simple bit of design. And the app doesn’t disappoint. (OK it’s a tiny bit sluggish – but I’m trying not to forget that ‘everything is amazing‘).

Here’s a couple of shots I took yesterday – they’re far from perfect but I was taking them in bright sunlight so doing the joining on the iPhone screen was pretty tough. But that’s the fault of sunlight, glass, and my eyes not the application.

Marine Parade

And the Crazy Golf.

Adventure Golf, Madiera Drive, Brighton

There’s some incredible photo apps on the iPhone, some of my favourite gizmos are:

  • Camerabag is ace – it mimics a bunch of vintage toy cameras.
  • Photo FX – does a bunch of image processing thing (including crop and rotate which I find invaluable).
  • Quad Camera takes multiple shots in quick succession. A bit like this…


2 thoughts on “Pano – And More Awesome iPhone Photo Apps”

  1. I loved PANO too – until I tried Autostitch – you take as many snaps as you like in quick succession – leaving some amount of overlap (as much or little as you like, really) then fire up autostitch and select each of those images and it’ll AUTOMAGICALLY stitch them altogether – it’s pretty damn amazing.

    -pj (ps I’ve nothing to do with autostitch – but I do love it…)

  2. Nice, thanks Iain, will check ’em out.

    To add to the list, my current iPhone camera favourites are:

    Polarize – takes any picture and turns it into a polaroid, complete with a felt tip effect to write on the bottom space. It also has a lovely bleachy effect on the original image.

    Effects Lab – play with brightness, saturation, contrast etc etc… lots of things to adjust, comes with pre-set effects, but you can create your own too.

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