How Big is Your E-penis?

What's the size of your Twitter e-Penis?

It’s crude and its crass. But sometimes that’s the easiest way to get to the nub of the issue.

There’s lots of stuff out there that figures out your Twitter ranking, value, mojo, etc. But let’s cut the crap it’s all about who’s the big swinging dick, right?

118cm sounds a little large to me!

10 thoughts on “How Big is Your E-penis?”

  1. Mine is 13.1. Which sounds a bit more normal. Except that I’m a girl.

  2. Cannot wait to start receiving spam email about enlarging this e-organ… Interesting enough, a child word for willy is “little bird” in French. It’s getting feathery:)

  3. who said you have to use twitter to have an e-penis?

    i had a huge honkin one on usenet before some of you were eating solid food.

    it’s like saying you have to play world of warcraft to be a nerd.

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