8 thoughts on “My Favourite Google Logo So Far…”

  1. my son loves all the books that are illustrated by Eric Carle — it makes reading them over and over again enjoyable

  2. From my son’s favorite book. He loves it when the sun makes the egg go ‘pop’. The bit about the catapiller becoming a butterfly is also pretty good. Oh, I’ve ruined it for everyone now…

  3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of the best books ever. Eric Carle worked in advertising as a graphic designer before he started authoring children’s books, and he was really into making paper work in an interesting touchy-feely-story-telling way, that was something more than just a flat expanse to print words on. Hence the wondrous labyrinthine delight that is The VHC. Ace. Wish all grown up books were like that too.

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