It’s a viral that’s viral that’s made by the Viral Factory

Earlier on the bus I’m sitting next to Flo from Dare. And he says to me that if something isn’t in his inbox it’s not viral.

A couple of hours later. I’m sitting next to Ed from the Viral Factory. And he shows me this video they’ve made of LED Sheep that’s on YouTube.

About an hour later Asi sends me this link: just with the subject Get That. So I click it. And guess what it’s the video. In my blinkin’ inbox.

It’s like the viral circle of life. A beautiful moment I shall treasure forever.

I like the video quite a lot by the way. I think it’s got a lot going for it. I especially like the ‘Oh Go On’ bit at the end. That’s how it ought to be.

7 thoughts on “It’s a viral that’s viral that’s made by the Viral Factory”

  1. Superb! Loved the Mona Lisa.
    Part of me wishes Samsung had something to do with it , because it would be such a refreshing change for an otherwise predictable brand…
    But somehow I doubt it.

  2. Just because it is not in either of your inbox’s does not mean it is not viral. To think that if anything out there that is not in a digital creatives inbox is not working or reaching an audience is pretty arrogant. And knowing you both fairly well that is exactly as I’d describe you…

  3. Dave I agree with you. But since when has any of this been about anything actually working or reaching audiences? It’s all about winning awards and getting back-slapped by our industry friends, surely? ;-)

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