I Quite Like Mr Tweet

Mr. Tweet -> Your Personal Networking Assistant for Twitter!

Mr Tweet calls itself a ‘personal networking assistant for Twitter’. So I immediatly thought it would be a bunch of arse. Then I used it and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s done a lot of the hard work of keeping my Twitter party rocking and helped me find a bunch of people I should (and shouldn’t be following).

THe way it does the stats is very good – you can get a really quick impression of how someone behaves on Twitter…

Mr. Tweet -> Your Personal Networking Assistant for Twitter!

And here’s how I rate…

I’m pretty average it would seem – I kind of dispute the 28% links though. I’m sure it’s not that high. Unless I’m more boring than I thought.

It sends you an unbothersome direct tweet every 2 weeks with a link to an update which is quite nice. My only complaint, and it’s a teeny tiny minor niggle, is that they’re really pushing the whole ‘tell a friend’ thing in a way that feels a bit too desparate. It’s good so I blogged it without all that pushing. But who am I to judge.

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  1. but why does it say “ass follows non celebs” in the top left corner?

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