Retro or Nutter?

This old school Sony Walkman was sitting on the train table in front of me this morning (with its original stickers still in tact). Without even looking up at the owner. Half of me thought: “woah, like, totally, retro, cool, man”. And the other half thought: “move seat, move seat, you are quite obviously sitting opposite a certifiable mentalist”.

One of life’s marvellous contradictions.

14 thoughts on “Retro or Nutter?”

  1. What I love about this post Iain is the fact that you clearly wanted to take a photo of this beautiful piece of 90’s memorabilia, yet you didn’t want the owner to realise. Therefore you appear to have faked taking a picture of your laptop, whilst carefully ensuring you fitted in the walkman so you could crop the photo later on.

    Am I right? I may be terribly wrong ;-)

  2. Excellent work.

    I wish there was a way of taking photos of people’s stuff without making yourself look like some kind of fruitcake! But alas, there is not. Oh well, we’ll just carry on doing what we’re doing!

  3. I think it’s the pristine stickers that just tip them over into the mentalist category. Then again, who knows, if they found it on ebay – awesome, but if they’ve kept it box fresh since the days of Live & Kicking – not so cool. The other possibility is, of course, that they’ve just escaped from an elaborate Goodbye Lenin/Blast from the Past style prison, and mp3 players are just too terrifying to contemplate.

  4. Without sounding like a closet Sony fan the fact that it has the latest ‘Walkman’ logo on it implies that although the technology is three decades old the device isn’t. This suggests one of two things; 1) they have old audiotapes they can’t bear to be without or 2) they managed to buy the last stash of TDK90’s in the world when Woolies closed shop. Either of which probably classes the individual as dangerous.

    If you fancy one… a bargainous £17 @

  5. I’d say he’s retro rather than mental, Walkman owners are the cool side of edgy.

    On the other hand I saw someone using a Minidisk player the other day… I distanced myself at swiftly as possible.

  6. I still have my old sony walkman at home, but it’s in some what desperate need of repair… I can’t believe any normal person would still have one in prime condition, this person should probably be considered dangerous!

  7. Not a vintage walkman, this is the current incarnation of the walkman logo.

  8. Wicked post. I remember having one of these, used to love it.

    Infact I used mine when I had a paper round when I was younger :)

  9. My dad still has a white one with orange foam headphones. It’ amazing. And like, I imagine a lot of older people do, pronounces Sony like sonic with a y on. Love it. BTW my instant thought on this was not if a retro loving nutter but an old person listening to language/classical tapes?!

  10. I vote mental. Shift seats. Don’t make eye contact.. My first ‘walkman’ was an aiwa that could record, which I thought was amazingly cool at the time.

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