The Worst Scottish Accent Ever?

From last night’s Superbowl:

I’m really tempted to re-dub it and see if I can pull off a better Scotch accent ;-)

And I was 100% convinced that this Cash4Gold ad was a spoof until I visited the website, where unfortunately it’s all true:

I thought it couldn’t go much lower. But it does…

Of course there’s some good ads from the breaks too, but being a bitch is so much easier…

4 thoughts on “The Worst Scottish Accent Ever?”

  1. I’ve tried to find a horse with a good scottish accent before and u kinda have to take what you can get I’m afraid.

  2. He’s a 4th generation Scottish immigrant and still has a (very bad) Scottish accent? Where have they been living? ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I could almost hear the scottish horse neigh “Go GrandDaddy, go” when the later set up its horse porn website!

  4. Iain, your years in Edinburgh aren’t going to be wasted- I’d love to hear the re-dub that you do.

    Dick van Dyke’s english accent comes close, but the horse pips him on the line.

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