3 thoughts on “January Sale on Creatives”

  1. I had a great one just prior to Christmas, and unbelievably went like this:

    “There have been some digital-specific redundancies over the past couple of months, though account losses and project cuts have been at the heart of these. There have, however, been some savvy agencies who (going back as far as August) have used the economic climate to get rid of ‘dead wood’ in the agency”

    Apparently this gives me:

    “…the opportunity to exploit the talent-rich candidate pool that the past couple of months has created.”

    I won’t name the agency, but really… I love the idea of ‘talent-rich dead-wood’ though.

  2. Does ‘non digital’ mean that you have no fingers? If so was Jeremy Beadle 50% digital-50% non digital? As he was comfortable with both I wonder what they would have charged for the late, great, bearded prankster.
    What next? buy one get one free on creative teams? – now there’s an idea.
    By the way, can you make furniture out of ‘talent rich dead wood’ ?

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