January 2009 – Apricity Mix


I’ve never been one for giving pretentious names to mixes. Until now.

Apricity is such a great word, it means: the warmth of the sun in winter. And that’s the sound I was trying to create in this mix. Something that’ll make a chilly walk to work just a little bit warmer.


  1. The Model – Overproof Sound System
  2. Flashback (Jazzanova’s Breathe Easy Mix) – Fat Freddy’s Drop
  3. Absynth (Marcus Worgull Remix) – Projections vs Woolfy
  4. Keep Believin’ – Tensnake
  5. White Diamond – Hatchback
  6. Zillion Lights – Raz Ohara And Djuma Soundsystem
  7. Paris (Aeroplane Mix) – Friendly Fires
  8. Little Bit (Loving Hand Mix) – Lykke Li
  9. Donut – M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade
  10. Guinea Pig (Vocal Variation Mix feat Julia Biel) – Ben Watt
  11. Winter – Aril Brikha
  12. I’m In Love With A German Film Star (Gui Boratto Mix) – Pet Shop Boys and Sam Taylor Wood
  13. Iridium (Superpitcher Remix) – Lullabies In The Dark

Download the mix through the .

Enjoy, and thanks to Russell for the word.

I often think that these things are ‘the best ever’ when I’ve just done them, because the tunes are new and I guess if I didn’t at least like them a bit I don’t think I’d bother. But at this particular moment in time I think this is one of the best that I’ve done, ever.

6 thoughts on “January 2009 – Apricity Mix”

  1. I dunno. I caught up with one of your mixes recently and was practically gurning when the “Twih Uh” thing came round…That or glow sticks in the air.

    ..but this has The Model as an opener and I’m a sucka for any cover of Kraftwerk.

    …..seriously this just moved up a notch at 28 mins. That’s how I like. Messing with pitch and stuff.

    The rest of it is probably crap….. although that MANDY/Booka Shade bit has to be a bit spesh. I’ll report back.

    You know I got opinions :)

  2. It’s great, although I still don’t agree with Ableton live and djing through a laptop. Sasha and Digweed are living legends though and I’m sure I’ll have a go someday.

  3. ACE

    You got me immediately with Flashback (FFD) – the original was by far the best song of 2006.

    I miss you dude!

  4. thanks iain, very nice. interestingly, listeners to your mix on itunes also subscribe to the d&ad presidents lectures. Is that the aeroplane mix at about 27 mins?

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