Is 2009 The Year of the PDF?

I damn well hope not.

But as I’m linking to 3 PDFs in one day there’s something strange afoot (I already linked to the Contagious roundup of 2008).


2nd PDF of the day is JPG magazine – Photojojo turned me on to them and how, sadly, there’s probably just a few days left to grab their back issues in PDF format.

If you like what you see over at JPG, best thing you can do is head to and join the fight to keep them alive. And here’s a handy link to a 233Mb zip file containing all the back issues for those on solid broadband connections.

And my last PDF of the day (I hope) is the Piccadilly Records end of 2008 roundup.


Not only does it have the shop’s Top 100 Albums of 2008 (as you’d expect), it’s also got loads of artists and DJs top 20s from the last 30 years (the shop turned 30 last year so it’s a kind of joint Birthday / End of Year special).

The guys at Piccadilly always impress me with their selections and love of a diverse set of music. You can order a paper version of the guide for 1p from the online shop. Or download the aforementioned PDF from here (it’s 1.8Mb).

Now let that be an end to this PDF nonsense.

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