Brilliant Dopplr Annual Report (Another PDF)

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This is pure gold. I’m sure every blogger on Dopplr has considered posting something about their personal annual report. How could you not. It shows all the traveling you did last year and wraps it up in a nice, funny, quirky, and sort of useful fashion.

And perhaps most importantly it makes me feel remiss for my incompleteness. It makes me feel like I need to put all my trips in there so that next year my document will be perfect. It flicks a really interesting psychological switch. Bloody nice work.

And it helps to build on my theory that 2009 really is the year of the PDF.

5 thoughts on “Brilliant Dopplr Annual Report (Another PDF)”

  1. Great idea, brilliantly executed – made me start my 09 annual report…

    BTW, see you in Brazil soon Iain? ;)

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